Looks like leather - made from pineapples. Introducing Piñatex. 

Innovative, vegan, and sustainable, Piñatex™ is a non-woven textile made from agricultural remnants of the Philippine pineapple industry (specifically the inedible pineapple leaves). The resulting leather alternative is not only cruelty free and Peta-approved, but greatly benefits pineapple farmers by providing additional income. The leaf fibers used in making Piñatex have traditionally had no commercial value and were typically discarded. In this way, a beautiful new vegan textile and a vibrant new industry for pineapple growing countries have simultaneously materialized. 

No extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required to produce the leaves used in Piñatex - a far cry from other more traditional and environmentally harmful materials like animal skins or cotton. Piñatex is a win for the environment, a win for the pineapple farmers, and a win for fashion. We love it. 

Piñatex by Maniwala

Maniwala is proud to be one of the first manufacturers to partner with Piñatex to create goods from this truly revolutionary textile.

In our testing we've found it to be very durable and resistant to day to day use. With heavy use it will tend to lighten a bit on heavy wear spots and gather a patina in much the same way natural animal leathers will. If you like like your gear to show the unique marks of the journeys it's been on, you'll likely love Piñatex. We definitely do. 

We love how we can all buy they same nearly identical object, but each one lives a unique life with us. Taking on the character of its journey. Scratches map the distances each has travelled. Unique scars remind us of beautiful encounters. Spills. Stains. Stitches. Well worn objects are things to be cherished.


How To Care For Piñatex Bags and Goods

Keeping your gear well maintained is crucial to making sure it'll be ready for the next trip. To keep your Piñatex product in top condition we recommend that you wax it regularly using a natural wax (such as Barbour wax or Otter Wax). Use sparingly but often. Leave it in a warm place for 24 hours and rub it gently with a soft cloth. We also recommend using Liquiproof ProtectorTM, a natural non-toxic coating that will make the product stain and water repellent.