Our Guarantee

We take great care to handcraft our products, and all of our items are closely monitored for quality. Should your item not arrive in perfect condition, please email us right away at hello@maniwala.com so we can assist you with it.

Our goods are intentionally made to last a really, really long time, and they're all backed by a lifetime guarantee. We believe in buying less, better things that can be repaired rather than replaced. If your Maniwala product fails to live up to your expectations, let us know and we'll repair or replace the item.


Sometimes you don't want to replace your old favorites for new things. Sometimes you want to mend them and keep on going with the memories you've earned together. It's also better for the earth.

We stand behind everything we make, but as with any quality item proper maintenance and proper care are essential to longevity. This may include small repairs from time to time, which we will be happy to provide for a small charge. Shipping is the responsibility of the item's owner. Depending on how long ago you purchased the item, we may also elect to cover the costs of repair, at our discretion.


For full details of our return policy, please refer to our Shipping and Returns page.